Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Goal Setting

I am writing today about goal setting...not just for work or business, but for life in general. I think its really important to have goals to attain to. Keep you motivated to accomplish tasks, etc. So here are a few that I am working on in the next few months and i will keep you all updated from time to time on how my goals are coming along

1. Lose weight...I think this is almost every woman's goal at one time or another...I would like to lose 40lb...and hoping to do that by February or here goes nothing

2. Build my Discovery Toys team to 10 people...I am at 5 now so well on my way

3. Finish organizing my home management binder

4. Read more...I am needing more time to read, not just non-fiction (my fave) but more fiction, non thinking type stuff

5. Read through the whole Bible in 2009

6. Buy a house in 2010

7. Be able to stay at home with my girls - is going to take sacrifices but willing to do that

These are just a few of my goals i will add more on another blog entry.

What are some of your goals? Do they include a variety of areas from your life or just specific areas?

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