Monday, October 27, 2008

Home Organization

So i haven't written in a couple days, and really missed it. But life gets in the way sometimes and thats just how it goes....however, I am back and really excited about life.

Here is my Thankful 7 list for this week first before i go any further as I was supposed to write it yesterday:

1. My kids - they love me no matter what and say the cutest things that just make me laugh til I cry (well Makayla anyway):)

2. My husband - he is always so affirming and loving....thanks for all the encouragement this week

3. Autumn weather - I love the fall colors and the crispness in the air...a wonderful example of God's handiwork

4. Creative Ability - I am grateful that I have been given a gift for creativeness and am using it to make my own Christmas cards

5. Friends - thanks to all those who love me for me and make me smile when thinking of you...some of you I have only known a short time and others its been many years but I love you all so very much

6. My Church Family - for being so friendly and loving

7. Being a mom - I am thankful that I can have the opportunity to raise two children who will love God and live for Him....

Now onto my daily blogging.....

So last week I decided that I wanted to become better organized and as I did some research I noticed that a lot of stay at home moms use home organization binders. So I have decided to make my own version....I will add pictures at another time but here is the jest of it. I have divided a 2.5 inch binder into several areas:

1. Cover....simply put "Home Management Binder" and has a picture of a Gerbera Daisy (my fave) and the following scripture: "She looks well to the ways of her household, and does not eat the bread of idleness" Proverbs 31:27

2. Inside pocket - pad of lined paper or loose leaf for notes, menu planning, etc.

3. Proverbs 31:10 - 30 - typed out on paper and placed in a plastic sleeve...good reminder of what I am called by God to do....also I am trying to memorize this passage so easy reference

Then I have the following sections:

1. Schedule - General Daily Schedule for Me and Kids

2. Calendar - Monthly calenders to write when bills or due, important appointments, events, etc

3. Inspiration - will have articles, poems, etc that inspire me to be a mom/wife/woman after God's own heart

4. Daily Routines - My morning, afternoon and bedtime routines listed in point fashion

5. Daily List - Detailed Cleaning/organizing lists for Monday - Saturday, as well as specific list for different areas in the house. I also have recipes in this section for making my own cleaning solutions

6. Menu Planning - have my weekly planning sheets, recipes to try, and fave recipes, as well as master grocery list and coupons for grocery shopping, freezer inventory list and pantry inventory list

7. Focus Cleaning and Projects - I am using the Fly Lady Zone Cleaning Detailed Lists for major cleaning on one area a week....very a list of projects I would like to complete around the house

8. Seasonal - right now I have my Flylady's Holiday Control Journal in here, as I prepare for Christmas, will also include Christmas Card List, Gift List, etc to prepare for the holiday season
This section will change as the holidays change

9. Faith - includes a list of bible verses I want to teach to the girls and myself, a prayer request journal, and bible study information, as well a Bible reading plan, and faith-based activities to do with the girls

10. Budget - I have a blank copy of our monthly budget that lists budget/actual amounts; a plastic pocket for monthly bills, and misc. coupons

11. Health - contains medical info (like doctor/dentist contacts for all the members of the family), medical insurance numbers, weight loss info, exercise log, and other info related to health

12. Training - in most home management binders this would be the section that women would use to place info on homeschooling. My children are not old enough for school, and we dont know if we are homeschooling or not....but this section contains fun, educational, age-appropriate activities to complete with the girls, lists of fave books, games, songs, etc

13. Gift Giving - this is a section for me to keep track of wish lists for birthdays, christmas, etc complete with sizes, etc for each member of the family

14. Craft Projects - Ideas and Patterns for cross-stitch patterns, stamping and scrapbooking ideas... as well I am planning to add simple sewing pattern and project ideas as that is something I would like to learn

I would love to know what people think of my home management binder and let me know if you use something similar, or what you do to organize your house.

Have a great, God filled day!

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