Monday, October 20, 2008

June 17, 2008

Well, I am now 33weeks and 1 day pregnant and feeling pretty good, tired and ready to have this little one, but good.

I am amazed by God’s providence as He has had His hand on this pregnancy. I delievered Makayla (now 20 months) at 29 weeks, 6 days due to an abrupted placenta, and had to have an emergency c-section. It was a scary time, since there were very little warning signs. Makayla spent 8 weeks in NICU, but has developed into everything she should and then some.

This time around we were very nervous from the start due to the complications the first time around. But God has keep His promises to help us through all we go through. I love the saying, “If He brings you to it, He will bring you through it”. It sums up our lives over the last 3 years so much. Whatever we have gone through, He has been there and brought us through it, and will continue to do so with whatever comes our way.

As we anticipate the arrivial of our newest member of the family, we are excited to see how God will help us mold this little one into exactly what God has in mind. We are continually amazed at how Makayla grows and develops everyday, and we know that we haven’t done it on our own…God has been there every step of the way. He knows everything about Makayla, me, Art, and our unborn baby…He knew everything we would go through in our whole lives, and what is yet to come. As scary as the unknown is we are so excited to see what God will bring us to next.

We will keep you all updated on the upcoming arrivial of Baby Rempel….

Keep Smiling and Serving Him With Joy

Psalm 139

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