Monday, October 20, 2008

Organizing My Life

So here I am just thinking about how I need to get my butt in gear and do some domestic things around the house…I need to organize so that things are where I want them to be, where they are accessible and so it does not look so cluttered.

It is amazing how much stuff one accumulates over the years…and its has not gotten better since having my girls….everytime I turn around I see toys…and yet when I think about putting some away, or getting rid of some of them I think, “no, she plays with this, no she loves that” Well that has got to stop I think…I am going to seriously go through the mountains of toys and books and just keep a good handful of items that both Makayla will use as will Isabella when she is older.

I am also trying to organize my kitchen and the duties that come with having a well run kitchen…I made up weekly menus and now am just making up grocery lists for each week…I cannot believe how difficult it was to go through and pick meal ideas and recipes…there are so many good ones! I am also going through my cupboards and making them more organized because, honestly, right now they are a mess!

Anyway, I will write more next week and update you on my organizing! One day I will be able to say my home is organized…and then I will have to start all over again:)

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