Thursday, October 23, 2008

Tip of the Day Thursday!

Okay, so I realize I am probably not the only mom out there with the problem of getting your child to drink enough water, so here are some tips/ideas for you to hydrate your children:

1. add lemon or lime to the water to give it a little flavor

2. if you child(ren) are not that into citrus flavors take koolaid for fruit drinks in their fave tastes and make ice cubes out of them...then you can pop one ice cube in their water bottle or sippy and give it a little boost of flavor

3. give each child in your home their own water bottle (label them or give each child a different color so there is no mixing up)

4. make your own popscicles....because you control how much sugar, flavoring, etc goes in,you can have more water than not and the kids won't be any wiser that you are in deed trying to get them to drink water:)

5. Just remember that you cant force kids to do anything they dont want to but know that when they ask for a drink they are already in the first stages of dehydration....

Have a great day!

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