Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Toddler Tuesday

So I mentioned that on Tuesday's I am going to write about toddlers...well here we go...

First a funny story about about a little one who apparently knows what she wants!

Last night after dinner, my hubby and I were relaxing on the couch, while our 2 yr was playing in her play kitchen....all of a sudden she comes barrelling into the living room, butt naked, yelling, "I'm ready for my bath"...we just looked at one another and burst out laughing....she looked at us and smiled and said, "lets go"...so two hours earlier than normal we went upstairs (downstairs to her, as she is still mixing up some opposites) and had fun in the tub....

Just thought you might enjoy that little glimpse into our daily live with a toddler.

Now onto a tip for parenting toddlers:

One area that we have recently had to deal with is the introduction of a new baby in the house and how it has affected our 2 yo...here are some things that have helped the transition:

1. Have the older child help whenever possible, as much as they want...no forcing them to help (they can get diapers, hold the bottle, get your foot stool, etc)...if they want to help they will

2. Get the older child a doll baby that they can love and cherish - my daughter had a few dolls already but just prior to the baby being born we bought a new doll that we gave her when I brought Isabella home...it came with diapers, and a bottle, so she feeds and changes her baby when I do the same with Isabella

3. Make sure to take time out for the older child - have daily (even more than once) one on one time with the older child...because I am home with the girls during the day I do my one on one with Makayla during the morning usually...read books, play games, sing songs, etc....usually for about 1/2 hour to an hour (sometimes less or more depending on her mood)

4. Instead of always telling the older child to "be gentle" or "hands off" I have taught Makayla to touch Isabella in safe areas like the hands and feet versus the head...I still teach her to be gentle but am showing her that its okay to touch the baby.

5. Because Makayla was getting to the age where she did not need the crib anymore, and in theory we needed the crib at some point for her sister...we started the transition to a big girl bed...but not right away...Isabella was born in July and we started to transition in June already...so that she did not feel so displaced by the baby...actually it went quite smoothly.

These are just a few of the ideas that Art and I have used over the last three months since welcoming Isabella into our family....What are some things you have done to introduce a new member of the family to an older (yet still young) child?

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