Wednesday, October 22, 2008

WAHM World

Okay, so on Wednesday's I am going to blog about the world of Work-at-home-moms, or WAHM's. I am a SAHM and WAHM right now, currently on maternity leave from the field of early childhood education. I have really enjoyed being at home and was researching a way that i could make extra money from home, so I would not have to leave my children.

I actually have 3 separate businesses going, but only one of which is my "business"...the other two are more for family/friends...and the discount:) I am concentrating on my Discovery Toys business and love it! I also have an Usborne Books and Norwex business too.

My tip for all those WAHM's out there is to make your goals and stick to them, but never give up on them.

Because I run home party businesses my tips are going to be for those WAHM's that run home party businesses:

1. Decide how many parties you want to do in a month or week and strive for that goal

2. Decide how many days a week or hours you want to devote to your business

3. Decide which days these will be

4. Work out a plan with your family that works

5. Do all this with a great attitude...and you will be successful

6. Stick to it...if you decide 1 party a week, and that you will work say one hour a day on business do not do more than that! What ever your goal is stick to it!

I would love to hear what other peoples tips are about WAHM businesses and how you balance work and home time.

Have a great day!

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