Sunday, November 16, 2008

My Projects List

So i have been thinking of ideas already for the new year and projects that I will work on throughout the year, either for gifts or for around my home. Here's just some of the ideas that I have and I will keep you updated on what I actually do in fact complete

1. I would love to make a doll house for each of the girls. This is a big project and will take some time, but I would love to be able to possibly give it to Makayla for her birthday next year...we will see

2. Scrapbooking...My goal is to complete the girls books up to date...right now the last layouts i have of the girls is Makayla coming home from the hospital...and nothing on Isabella! I know its terrible....

3. Would love to cross stitch something for each of the girls that will be their's when they are adults...not sure yet what but something:)

4. Read more

5. Get my drivers license - am studying right now for my learner's so i am on my way

6. would like to make most of my Christmas gifts for next year, so already taking the necessary steps for some of those:)

I will keep you updated on these projects as they develop:) I might even post pictures!

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