Monday, November 10, 2008

My Seven

Wow, its been a while since I last did a blog without further waiting, here we go:

1. My health - I am feeling great...hard to believe its been less than a month since I had my gall bladder out...God is good and has given me all the strength I need

2. My desire - to become a better mom and housewife. I am becoming more and more interested in how to organize and make my home something I am proud of

3. My Church - Lethbridge E-free has been so good for me. I love the worship, am meeting more and more people and love how I am challenged by the sermons each week

4. My Husband - he is so encouraging and we just celebrated 11 yrs married...I cant believe all that we have been through in the last 11 yrs but cant wait to see all that will happen in the next 11!

5. My Daughter - to hear her ask her daddy to pray at bedtime brings tears to my eyes...and she loves to hear Bible stories...we are doing something right and its only because of God's grace!

6. My love for reading - I am getting back to one of my favorite past times - pleasure reading, right now loving my Yada Yada Prayer group series and Karen Kingsbury!

7. My life as a mom - I honestly did not enjoy being at home when I had my first child, but I love it this time around...I am so grateful that I can be at home and build my home to be what God wants it to be!

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