Sunday, November 2, 2008

My Sunday 7

Here we go for my weekly 7:

1. Child like faith - this week my husband and I realized just how easily immpressionable children are. Every night this last week when putting our 2 yo daughter to sleep, she has said, "Pray Daddy"...we did not realize how much she actually picks up on already. So thankful that God has given me and Art the wisdom and words to teach Makayla and Isabella about Him!

2. MOPS - so thankful that I can go and spend a couple hours on every other Thursday with a bunch of moms and just have fun & conversation with adults!

3. My mentor mom - she knows who she is and how much she has already impacted me....thank you

4. For great sermons - its seems to me that every so often you hear a sermon that you really need to hear...this week was one of those weeks...thank you Pastor Ian

5. Worship music - right now i am going through a phase where that is primarily what I have been listening uplifting, and encouraging...and the new stuff out right now is great for working out to as well! Loving Chris Tomlin and his new song Jesus Messiah and Lincoln Brewsters new song, This is the Day (i think thats the title)

6. My Mom - even though she lives two provinces away i can still call her pretty much any time and have a great conversation with her. Love you mom!

7. The gift of creativity....I think i was thankful for that last week too, but this is the season to use my creativity for gift making and I am starting this week with some gifts....I will post after Christmas the pics of finished products so not to wreck the surprise for un-named recepients:)

Talk with you again soon!

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