Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Thinking of Christmas

So during the last few weeks I have been talking with Art and trying to decide our budget for christmas presents, etc. Normally we buy gifts for all our nieces and nephews and this christmas is no different, but this year we have been so fortunate that we have not needed to be as conscious of budget. Why you ask? Well, in September I signed up to be a consultant with Discovery Toys. I had heard of these toys for years and seen many of them in the different daycares I have worked in over the years. Well because of my sales I have been able to get a number of FREE product vouchers....I have been able to get 14 gifts and only had to pay for 2! So pumped....what I like even better is that every single toy that I am giving is educational. So now its just a matter of time til we see if what I picked out will be a success! I am sure they will be.

I am just about finished my shopping and its not even December, and if you know me, this is a miracle in and of itself. I am often still buying gifts on the 23rd or 24th of December some years! But because of working with Discovery Toys and having to fly out at 6am on Christmas Eve to Winnipeg, there will be no time to spend doing last minute shopping. Now that i only have a handful of gifts left, I have more time to spend doing baking, etc.

I am looking so forward to heading to Manitoba...honestly this year I am missing the snow, etc...Yesterday was November 17th and it was +20 degrees here in Lethbridge! Crazy...no snow and beautiful...seriously I miss the snow....

Anyway, off to bed now and will write again another day.

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