Monday, December 8, 2008

Frugal Christmas

Every Christmas, my husband and I come up with what we think is an appropriate budget for shopping for gifts. Wow, the amount of money we spend on gifts is crazy, unbelievable, and seriously disguisting....I know I probably shouldn't say that but this is how I am feeling.

So this year was no different, we sat down, came up with our budget and began the annual tradition of gift shopping. But this year there was one difference, we hardly touched our budget. I will explain why.

Since September I have been a consultant with Discovery Toys and am loving it. During the first few months that you are with the company, you are entitled to different incentives depending on how much you sell. Well I had a great start to my home business, and was able to get 11 out of 15 gifts for my kids, nieces and nephews for FREE!!! Over $200 in free toys certainly helps one's budget for Christmas shopping for sure.

I did not want to share this to brag or to promote my business but to say that when it comes right down to it there are so many ways to budget for things like birthdays and Christmas...this was one way that I can do well I also do these things when shopping:

1. buy on sale, and if the item I thought of is not on sale and probably wont be before Christmas, or birthday, then I rethink the gift idea

2. make gifts (I have done that this year, and its cost me next to nothing, except for 3 gifts which were a little more to make)

3. buy second hand...we did that for my daughters birthday...she is 2 and doesnt even understand the whole gift thing this age they are more into the boxes and paper anyway...:)

So, I want to know what you all are doing to save money at Christmas or other events when you have to buy gifts, especially for a large group of people.

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