Tuesday, December 2, 2008

My Kitchen Gadgets

So over the last few weeks I have been trying to figure out what gadgets I would like to get to update my new interest in cooking/baking...I have a number of small appliances and definitely have my favorites....so here is my list of my favorites....

1. My Crockpot! - I used it at least twice a week...makes life so much easier and I dont know why I did not get one sooner than I did

2. My Electric Skillet by Rival - got it for a Christmas gift a number of years ago and love, love, love it...It is really deep so never have an issue with spilling stuff and it makes beautiful pancakes too!

3. My Hamilton Beach Indoor Grill - got it for a Christmas gift my second year married and still love it 9 years later! Especially in the winter when I really dont want to go outside to BBQ, I can grill up my steaks or chicken in warmth! Also, does a super job at grilling veggies~

4. My Pampered Chef Stoneware - still learning the details of how to use them but wow, love the way my flat stones do cookies and pizza...evenly and no burning!

I could continue but I want to know what you all have for faves! Let me know!

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