Tuesday, December 2, 2008

So today it is finally beginning to look like winter here in Southern Alberta. We finally are having a good snowfall. I am very happy about, as strange as that sounds. I grew up in Winnipeg, where we have snow from like October until March....yet here in Southern Alberta, there is very little, at least until after Christmas. Last year we did not even have any snow at Christmas...it was a very brown Christmas. One of my favorite things during the holidays is when there is a light falling of snow on Christmas Eve. I really miss that here in Alberta, but will take the no, or very little, snow over the -40 anyday:)

My little girl is so funny with the snow. Last year she was only just over a year and I don't think really understood the whole concept, but this year she is full of questions. She says "where'd the grass go, mommy?" and I just smile...then she smiled and said, "I know, its sleeping". She thought that one up on her own:) I cant wait til she sees all the snow in Winnipeg when we are there over Christmas. I hope she has a chance to play in it too!

I can't wait til she is a little older and we can build snowmen and forts, and make snow angels. All things I remember doing when I was little. I can't wait to make wonderful and lasting memories with her and her little sister.

What are your favorite memories of winter playing?

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