Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Join The Qlubb

So I came across this site today and just had to share with those who read my blog....

Qlubb is a website where you can do all the following:

- allows multiple members of a group to share information,
-connect with each other;
-get tasks accomplished all in one place.

When you create a group with Qlubb you can share links, email, and photos. It has event calendars, bulletin boards and discussion groups.

Qlubb is ideal for classrooms, family reunions, groups like Bible Studies, events like Bridal and Baby Showers!

No user registration is required, try Qlubb and see what it can do for you! With just 2 clicks you can create your own Qlubb and with one click you can join an existing Qlubb.....check it out today and see what Qlubb can do for you!

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