Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas and New Years Goals!

Well Christmas was a wonderful time of visiting with family and friends in Winnipeg, MB....we saw many family members and it was fun introducing our newest member of the family to everyone. We travelled by air on Christmas Eve, and despite many delays and waiting over 6 hours in the Calgary Airport, the girls were soooo good!

This is a short blog post as I have a lot to do today as we returned I have laundry, laundry and more laundry, and other organizing to do.

I love the idea, in theory, of New Year's Resolutions, but I often find that is difficult to stick to them, so this year I am going to give myself goals versus here are my "goals" for the year:

1. I want to lose about goal is to do this through portion control, exercise and lowering my intake of sugars and high fat foods (good for my lack of gall bladder too!)

2. Would like to read at least one non-fiction and fiction book each month - currently I am reading Francine River's "Redeeming Love"....I have read it before, but it is such a great book I brought it with me for reading on the plane or during down time while visiting family at Christmas. Not sure of which non-fiction I will read this month, but will write that down soon!
I hope to read books which also include Bible Study or discussion questions so that I can do some studying at the same time....

3. Read through the Bible at least once....I plan to do this by reading from the Psalms, Proverbs and a passage from each the Old and New Testaments on a daily basis.

4. Start my new home business - a private dayhome program - hopefully by July/August

5. Move into our first house - hopefully to be completed by July or August

6. Get my Learners Driver's License - I would love to say my full license but in Alberta, we have the graduated driving program and you need to have your learners for one full year before you can do the road test....:)

7. Get ideas for Christmas gifts for next goal is to make gifts for everyone on my list, so I am starting early!

8. Get the girls' scrapbooks up to date...last pages for Makayla are her coming home from the hospital and havent started with Bella, so I have my work cut out for me!

9. Go on a family vacation or mini vacation - not sure where or when, will keep you posted

10. Reduce debt almost completely... have made the plans on paper, now we need to put it in action....

These are just a few of the goals I have for this year! As more come to me I will blog about them!

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