Friday, January 2, 2009

The Rempel 2008 Year in Review!

January - Had our first ultrasound with new baby and given the due date of August 4th...but does not my my dates so we will see what happens

February - had a surprise visit from Shirley's Dad and sister Kat from Winnipeg....was great to see them again....even if it was only a short visit

March - Celebrated a ton of birthdays and the pregnancy continued on a normal path, hoping to find out what we are having in April or May

April - Went to the Evangelical Free Church of Alberta annual ladies retreat! Was a great time of refreshment, spending time with my sister in law, and mother in law....then a week later ended up in the hospital with terrible stomach pain which we never did find out why initally. However, we found out I had very high blood sugar levels and was admitted with gestational diabetes and put on insulin 4x a day....ugh! But baby was fine....

May - celebrated my 35th birthday, and ended up being put on medical leave for the remainder of my pregnancy due to the diabetes and precaution due to complications in the first pregnancy. Found out we were having another little girl...:)

June - had been experiencing wierd pain which i thought were braxton-hicks but in the end were actually gallstones! Wow the pain was intense and we ended up in the hospital ER almost daily the month of June for pain control.....decided to do a c-section for babies upcoming birth with the date being July 18th (I would be 37 weeks)

July - continued with biweekly ultrasounds and biophysical profiles on baby - all was well but still continued having pretty major gallbladder attacks! Then on July 14th I ended up having contractions all day (thought they were gallbladder attacks - LOL), and went to the hospital at 5pm where I was told I was 2cm and contracting regularly. Baby Isabella Grace was delivered at 10:50pm by c-section and we are so happy she is here. Shirley's mom came from Winnipeg to help out for about a week and it was great to have her here!

August - we had a great mini family reunion of sorts with Art's family, celebrating the summer, Isabella's birth and his brother's wedding! Continued getting used to having a new baby in the house....Makayla moved to a big girl bed and we have started the ever popular potty training!

September - found out that I will in fact be getting my gall bladder out just waiting on a surgery date (ended up being Oct 14)....Isabella is a beautiful baby and life continued to adjust. Had some acting out episodes with Makayla but eventually she adjusted well and is a great help to us with the baby

October - had gall bladder surgery, recovered great from it and do not want any more major surgeries this year thank you very much! Celebrated Makayla's 2nd birthday! Shirley's dad and 3 nieces came out to visit from Manitoba and we celebrated Makayla's birthday in Calgary with other family from Winnipeg, along with her cousin who was born 2 weeks after Makayla. We hosted Thanksgiving that weekend too and had Isabella's Baby Dedication that weekend too! What a busy month October turned out to be! Celebrated Halloween by hanging out with good friends....Bella was a butterfly and Makayla was a dragonfly!

November - Was a relatively quiet month continued to do well for Art....and Shirley decided that being home and being a mommie and wife is what life is all about, so wont be going back to work after maternity leave is done!

December - busy with Christmas preperations....spend time doing scrapbooking and other crafts...which I have not been able to do for a while. Went to Winnipeg for Christmas and despite air travel delays the visit was fantastic and it was great to see immediate and extended family member, some of which I had not seen since September of 2007....we celebrated New Years in grand style with a 5 course meal, Moulin Rouge style with the Ron Paley Band at Winnipeg's Convention Center! It was fantastic! The girls continue to grow and develop and change daily. Bella is now 5.5 months and sitting, eating cereals, and holding her bottle...lots of babbling too....Makayla is 27 months and talking like crazy, loves books and giving hugs and piggy back rides.
We look forward to all the great times that the Lord will provide in 2009 and are glad that He was with us every step of the way for 2008!

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