Thursday, January 8, 2009

Simple Living

So one of my "resolutions" or goals for 2009 is to live more simply and "greener" hopefully in the process. I have been searching the internet for ideas on how to do this and I have a good number of are just a few:

1. Menu Plan - to make life simpler in the kitchen I am planning to continue to menu plan for our dinner meals. So far I have been doing this for the last couple months and its made a huge difference to the stress level of what to make each day as well as making a difference in our grocery budget

2. De-clutter - I am going to purge, purge, and purge again....regularly I will look at what we have around the house and think to myself, "Do we really need this, or have we use this recently?" If not, its getting purged....

3. Use less electricity - shut lights off when not in the room, take shorter showers, use natural cleaning solutions (vinegar and water and baking soda have been my choices recently) and use reusable bags for shopping (have a whole set of bags now so makes it so much better)

4. Buy less - of everything....I am looking around me and see we have everything we need....sure there are things I want...but I am delaying buying things unless we really need them. This will help in my decluttering progress as well as on the budget.

So what things can you do to live a more simple life? Would love to hear some of your ideas.


  1. is a great place to help with the decluttering!

    Drying clothes on the line is great, cloth diapers, cooking more from scratch, etc.

    I may think of more things, but staying home more makes a huge difference :)

  2. Stacey, i love a lot of the ideas from there! Thanks for the comment:)I was working full time when pregnant with my oldest, and after having her until I had to go on medical leave with my pregnancy....I have to say I much more enjoy being at home. I feel much more in tune with my girls, and feel more organized with what is going on in my life and home....can't wait to hear more ideas on decluttering!