Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tips for Living Green

So on Jolly Mom and Go Graham Go this morning they want to know what readers are doing to be "green" and so here are my tips:

1. Use energy efficient light bulbs - if I change my bulbs yearly I would be surprised...I can believe how long these things last!

2. Use the cold water cycle for doing laundry - on all loads

3. Use reusable fabric bags for shopping

4. Use both sides of paper when printing off the computer...and if I screw up, I give the paper to Makayla to color on, then recycle

5. We recycle

6. When I de-clutter, I try to sell, give away, or recycle stuff instead of taking it all to the dump

7. Make my own foods instead of buying prepacked, therefore much less packing stuff to through away; currently making my own baby food, spaghetti sauce, etc, etc.

8. Use plastic containers for other storage...really good for my scrapbooking supplies, especially the small yogurt containers with lids

9. Make my own house cleaning solutions

So that is just some of the things I do to be "green". Actually it is more than I realized....what do you do?


  1. That's one I forgot that I do.. we use cold water only as well!

    Thanks for joining us and sharing your tips!

  2. I'd love to know about your baby food recipes - I'd really like to make my own organic stuff once Briony's old enough (which will be sooner than I realize...).