Monday, February 2, 2009

Life is busy

So here is just a short little blurb about life in the last two weeks while I have my morning tea....

1. Makayla is potty trained and yesterday when we were travelling out of town she REFUSED to pee in her pullup while we were in the car...she held it for 10 minutes before we got to my in-laws! So proud of her!

2. Isabella has 2 teeth on the bottom and is sooooo close to crawling now...she gets on her hands and knees and rocks back and i know its not going to be long now.

3. I have started getting back into scrapbooking more and more and LOVE it! I am going to make it a plan to have one night a week where I get together with my friends to scrapbook, without any little people around:) Not only do I get to hang out with people but I get something done to! Right now I am working on the girls books and really need to get them up to date

4. I am plugging away at my 101 List and slowly getting it crossed off...its a great motivator

5. Had the first "in-person" meeting of the weight loss/healthy living support group I started on facebook. It was cool to meet people in person that I only "talk" with online. So excited about the possibilities

6. Decided to join a learn to run clinic and register in a 6km walk for March! Very excited about that....I would eventually like to work up to doing my first 1/2 marathon next year I think but we will see how training goes.

7. Makayla is going to gymnastics with her dad on Saturdays. She loves it and its a great way for them to spend some quality time together!

Anyway, these are just a few things that have gone on these last couple weeks.

With a 2yo and almost 7 month old life is always busy but I love all the new and exciting things going on in my life right now. Can't wait to see what God has planned next!

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