Monday, April 27, 2009

A Great Weekend

So this past weekend was Lethbridge Evangelical Free's Women's Retreat and I was able to attend (as well be a part of the planning committee). WOW is all I have to say right now. Even though I am only able to do this sort of event once a year, I look so forward to it. For me its a way to get away for a couple days to rejuvenate, refresh and faith, myself and my friendships. I was really looking forward to this event for a couple reasons.

First, we have been attending Lethbridge E-Free for two years now, and I have seen many women in church through that time, but have not really gotten to know many of them. I met some amazing women of God this weekend and cannot wait to cultivate these friendships.

Second, I wanted to be renewed and refreshed in my relationship with God. And through some wonderful sessions with Connie Lawson, wife to our Senior Pastor, Ian Lawson, I learned many things that will impact me for a long time to come. One thing is to CHOOSE JOY. Regardless of what is going on, I can choose to wallow, etc in my circumstance or I can CHOOSE JOY! This is not a new concept to me but for some reason it is one of the main thoughts that stuck out to me this weekend. Thank you Connie!

Third, I wanted to renew myself. My whole self. Being away from my girls and my husband is not what I always want. I missed them all alot this weekend, but I know I need to do this sort of thing once in a while to renew myself so I can be the wife, mom and woman God desires me to be. I feel refreshed as I start a new day, with God at the center of everything I do.

I will try to write a few more details over the next couple days of things that stood out the most to me over the weekend. Keep your eye out!

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