Monday, May 11, 2009

Faith & Pop Culture: A Review

I was recently sent "Faith & Pop Culture", the 8th installment in the Christianity Today Study Series and published by Thomas Nelson in 2008.

The study spans eight weeks and can be used as an individual study or within a small group setting. I really like the format used, as it gives you a number of different activities, which seem to cover all learning styles.

The study combines articles by Christianty Today authers, Bible references and thought provoking questions related to today's pop culture such as television, movies, sports and literature. One thing I enjoyed about this study was how I was encouraged to "think outside the box" when enjoying the various entertainment avenues. To watch television or movies and watch for religious themes, even in those I would have never thought to. I was especially encouraged when a number of articles encouraged Christians to pray for the entertainment industry versus boycotting it. I agree with this to an extent, except when blatant sin is being promoted. Then I will not participate in that type of viewing/reading, etc. I also appreciated the one study on video games, which is predominant in our culture.

The activities are fun, but also thought provoking, and I will encourage those in my social circles to really think about reading and participating in this study.

Christianty Today: Study Series: Faith and Pop Culture can be purchased at

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