Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Between Wyomings - A Review

Book Description:

Join Ken Mansfield on a road trip through the canyons of Hollywood, the outlaw alleys of Nashville, and the backstreets of his soul as this Grammy Award-winning producer recreates his journey through the lush landscapes of success and the deserts that led him home.

For three decades, Ken Mansfield lived the heady life of a record executive and friend to such cultural icons as the Beach Boys, the Beatles, Dolly Parton, and Waylon Jennings. Along the way, he collected a Grammy, number-one albums, and a disquiet that he pushed soul-deep.Between Wyomings invites readers to travel with him on a tender journey that calls readers to reflect on the highways of their own lives and the deserts that press them into the heart of a Creator who has been there all along. As Ken discovers, sometimes when we see how lost we are, we can finally begin to find home.


As I begin to read Manfield's book, I was immediately drawn to the fact that he was drawn to the past by music he was hearing while on his road trip with his wife, Connie. I was drawn to this because I do this on a regular basis. Whenever I hear certain friends, I can usually tell you exactly what I was doing, feeling or what was happening in my life at that point. I love that Mansfield does this too.

I love how Mansfield explains the highs, and lows, of the record industry and how his life experience has made him the person he has turned out to be...someone who had made mistakes but learned from them.

I also really enjoyed the serious tone of the book. Far too often I read celebrity authored books and its nothing but "fluff". "Between Wyomings: My God and an ipod on the Open Road" was raw, but honest. I felt that Mansfield described the Christiana journey in such a wonderful way. Even though we fall from God at times in our life, He is always there....and will welcome us back to His arms unconditionally. It is only when we lose it all, that we will find everything we need in the Lord. Mansfield's book clearly teaches this lesson through past and present day memories.

The book, "Between Wyomings: My God and an ipod on the Open Road is published by Thomas Nelson and available at Amazon.ca

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