Sunday, August 23, 2009

Real Church - A Book Review

So as a member of Thomas Nelson Blog Book Review team, I am able to read and review a variety books. The most recent being, "Real Church" by Dr. Larry Crabb. It is avaliable through

Book Description
"Church as I know it usually leaves deep parts of me dormant, unawakened, and untouched. I don't much like going. So, what now?"

What's happening to the Church? Why are so many people who for decades have been faithful, steady churchgoers (and others who want to start going to church but can't seem to find one that meets their needs) losing interest in even attending church, let alone getting involved? What is fundamentally wrong with the "types" of churches (Seeker, Bible, Emergent, Liberal, Evangelical) that dot the religious landscape? Larry Crabb believes it is time to rethink the entire foundation and focus of what we know today as church -- everything we're doing and are wanting to see happen. In his most honest and vulnerable book to date, the author reveals his own struggles in this area and then offers a compelling vision of why God designed us to live in community with Him and others, and what the church he wants to be a part of looks like.

When I first starting reading Dr. Crabb's most recent book, honestly, I found it difficult to read. However, I realized the reason why is because I too am finding it hard to attend church. I am one of those adults who grew up in church and attending every Sunday, because "I had too". Now in my mid thirties, I am having a really diffult time with the whole idea of "attending church for the sake of attending church" I even feel guilty when I miss a Sunday. But Dr. Crabb's book helped me out a great deal with my feelings. Thank you Dr. Crabb.

One of the things i loved best about "Real Church" was that Dr. Crabb details the difference between those who truly love Christ and those who love the church, Christianity vs "churchianity." I enjoyed reading about the differences in gatherings and churches. I am now going to look at church in a very different way and make sure I do my part to be as missional as possible.

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