Monday, September 14, 2009

For You Scrapbooker's Out There!

I have been scrapbooking for about 10 years and have used a number of really cool tools, but the Cricut Expressions tops them all!

I had the opportunity to try out a Cricut Expressions at a scrapbooking retreat back in June and just had to tell everyone in the blogging world about my experience. WOW, WOW, WOW! It has changed the way I do scrapbooking forever!

This is how the Cricut website describes it:

"The Cricut Expression® is a much larger unit than the Cricut Create® or the Cricut Personal Electronic Cutter®, meant to stay on a work table or in a media room. The good thing is that all Cricut® models use the same cartridges and the same blade housings and blades.

The Cricut Expression® is a way to cut letters, shapes, and phrases in impressive sizes using the 12" x 24" mat or the 12" x 12" mat. The possibilities are endless with this larger machine, allowing you to create bigger die cuts for classroom decor, scrapbook layouts, signage, and so much more.

* Mix and match creative features in the same cut
* Use the entire library of existing Cricut cartridges
* Cut in portrait or landscape
* Mat sizes 12" x 12" or 12" x 24"
* No computer necessary
* Change settings such as language and units of measurement
* New LCD screen that shows exactly what you're typing for your next cut


* Plantin Schoolbook font cartridge
* Accent Essentials shape cartridge (not included with all offers)
* 1 12x12 cutting mat"

The Cricut Personal cutter and Create are smaller versions of the Expressions. I was able to use those as well, but by far am a huge fan of the Expressions.

I found it very easy to use and to switch cartridges back and forth with no problems. After being given a quick overview of the Cricut Expression, I was able to create about 15 Titles for my scrapbook pages.

I have used the following cartridges:

*Lyrical Letters
*Disney Pooh
*Plantin Schoolbook
*George and Basic Shapes

The cartridges, blades, mats and accessories can all be purchased separately as well.

Not only have I used the Expressions 24 inch Cutter for scrapbooking, but also for bulletin board signs and wall decor for my home child care program.

Though the price for the 24 inch Expression is steep, I believe that it is far worth it. I have seen it priced for $379 at Walmart in Canada (only comes with one cartridge versus two at other vendors), with cartridges ranging between $80 and $90 each.

The Cricut Expressions is avaliable at a number of locations. It can be purchased on the Cricut website for $499.99, as well on It is also avaliable at Michael's Arts and Crafts, and Scrapbookers Paradise in Lethbridge, AB Canada.

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