Friday, September 18, 2009

Hammer Away with Discovery Toys!

About a year ago I became an independent consultant with Discovery Toys here in Canada. I had seen many of the company's toys over the last 10 years that I had worked in the field of Early Childhood Education, and thought they were a fantastic product.

Once I had my children, I figured that joining Discovery Toys would be a great way to make a little extra income and get great toys for my kids! I was not disappointed. Though the extra income has been nice (albeit, I think I have bought more toys than made money!)it's been the toys that have been the key in my home.

Discovery Toys carries many wonderful toys, but there have been several that have really impressed me. One being the toy called, Hammer Away!

Hammer Away is designed for children 19 months and up. However, my 14 month old loves to hammer the balls into the holes and watch them come out the bottom.

When I received this product in my starter kit my oldest daughter was about 22 months old. I took Hammer Away out of the box and she proceeded to play with it for almost two hours. Yes, you read right...two hours! I figured any toy that keeps a toddler's attention that long is well worth the price of $35.00

According to the Discovery Toys training materials for Hammer Away, the following are the objectives of using this product:

• Enjoy imaginative play;
• Strengthen fine and gross motor coordination;
• Experience cause and effect and object
permanence, with balls disappearing and
reappearing on the track;
• Identify and match colors;
• Develop critical thinking skills;
• Release energy in a positive way;
• Can first use your hands to push the balls through
and then as you develop, use the hammer;
• Distinguishing blue from purple ball helps refine
color differentiation!

My oldest is now just shy of three years and still plays with Hammer Away on a regular basis, only now she has to battle with her little sister for a turn!

I highly recommend this product to all those with young children, particularly a child who needs to get out some aggression:)

This product can be purchased through the Discovery Toys website, as well as directly through myself.

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