Sunday, September 6, 2009

My Favorite Kitchen Small Appliance

Over the last 12 years (almost) that I have been married I have used a ton of different small appliances in my kitchen. Much thanks to the many bridal shower and wedding gifts I received back in 1997.

I have enjoyed most of the items, but to be honest, only in the last few years have I taken a keen interest in cooking and backing. There have been a number of products I have used that I absolutely love and will be sad to one day have to give up or replace, if I can.

The Rival Extra Large Glass Lid Skillet is one of those items.

Six years ago I received this item as a Christmas gift from my grandmother and I can honestly say I LOVE IT! I have used it faithfully since. Actually I use it at least three times a week.

These are the features that are listed on the Rival website:

Extra Large 16” x 11” Cooking Surface
Fully Immersible with Temperature Probe Removed
Removable, Adjustable Temperature Control
Black Non-Stick Coating on inside and out
Tempered Glass Lid with Adjustable Steam Vent

I love the easy to clean capabilities of this skillet, the fact that it is non stick and can be immersed is great. I remember clearly as a young person doing dishes for my mom how important it was not to get the end of the electic frying pan wet because it would wreck it! With the Rival Extra Large Glass Lid Skillet I don't ever have to worry about it! I have even put it in the dishwasher!

One of my favorite breakfast items to make is pancakes and this skillet makes perfect ones! It has enough room to make 4-6 average sized pancakes. I can also make 4-6 chicken breasts in the skillet with room for sauce, and no spilling occurs because of the deepness of the skillet.

Only now 6 years later am I beginning to notice signs of wearing out, and I am so happy that I can purchase the Rival Extra Large Glass Lid Skillet right from the Rival website.

This skillet has a limited one year warranty and comes with a wonderful user manual filled with great recipes. In the event that it is misplaced, a replacement can be found in the form of PDF on the Rival Extra Large Glass Lid Skillet product page

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