Sunday, September 6, 2009

Tassimo - A Review

The Tassimo Beverage System by Braun is one of my favorite new kitchen "toys".

I love my coffee and tea, but I don't drink enough during the day to justify brewing a full pot of coffee. That is why I love the Tassimo Beverage System by Braun. It brews individual cups of coffee and tea using Tassimo Discs, designed specifically for the Tassimo Beverage System by Braun.

There are a number of flavors of coffees, teas, cappuccino, lattes and hot chocolate that are available to order through the website,including Starbucks coffees. The online ordering option was very easy to complete, with a minimum 3 item purchase. Initally, I did not like that I HAD to order three things but my total order was only just over $12.00 with shipping, and I received my products within a week of ordering!

For information sake, I ordered the Tassimo Twinings Green Tea, Tassimo Nabob 100% Columbian, and Tassimo Maxwell House French Vanilla. All three are very good tasting tea and coffee. Because the process online was so simple, I will not hesistate to order online again.

There is also a list of retailers that carry a variety of the T-discs as well. When I checked online which retailers in my area carried the Tassimo Discs, Safeway Canada was the only retailer listed. However, to my pleasant surprise, Save-on-Foods in Lethbridge, AB also carries a small selection of the T-Discs.

When you purchase a Tassimo Beverage System you will receive a form to register your product. Once registered you can receive two complementary sets of their T-Discs. We tried Starbucks House Blend and Maxwell House House Blend. Both were nice tasting, although personally I find Starbucks coffee a bit strong, so I think I had more milk and sugar than coffee:)

Overall, if you prefer making a single cup of coffee to a full pot, the Tassimo Beverage System by Braun is a great investment to make. It is available for purchase at London Drugs online
for Canadians or at for my American readers.

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  1. My Aunt bought some discs for my mom from Costco, (I think they were the Starbuck's brand though), so you may want to check there to if you have a membership :)