Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Crock Pot Wednesday - BBQ Beef

Barbecue Beef - From "The Big Cook" By Deanna Siemens, Lorelei Thomas, and Joanne Smith

One of my favorite things is to do freezer cooking....that way I can make several meals at once, freeze them and not have to worry about it for a while. Also, this is great if I want to help a friend who is sick, in a crisis, or just had a baby.

One of the cookbooks I love is The Big Cook. It's designed for you to have a "big cook day" with a few friends and you can make up to 200 meals in one day! You can see my review of "The Big Cook" here.

Anyway, this recipe book has great and yummy recipes. This particular recipe is one of my faves!

You can do this in your crock pot (slow cooker) or in the oven


1 Meal

4 Meals

6 Meals

8 Meals

Beef Stew Meat

(cut into bite sized pieces)



12 lb



1 cup

4 cups

6 cups

8 cups


¼ cup

1 cup

1.5 cups

2 cups

Onion Soup Mix 1pkg or 3 tbsp

1 pkg

4 pkg

6 pkg

8 pkg

Brown Sugar

¼ cup

1 cup

1.5 cups

2 cups

Mustard (prepared)

1.5 tsp

2 tbsp

3 tbsp

¼ cup


¼ cup

1 cup

1.5 cups

2 cups

Celery (diced)

2 cups

8 cups

12 cups

16 cups

Zipper Bags






1. Label Bags:

BBQ Beef

Slow Cooker: 4-5 hours on high or 6-8 hours on low

Oven: 1.5 hours covered at 350 F

2. Place 2lb of stew meat into each zipper bag

3. Combine remaining ingredients and stir until thoroughly mixed. Distribute evenly among bags. Remove air, seal and freeze.


7 packages of onion soup mix is approximently 1 cup of onion soup mix

Serving Suggestions:

This sauce is outstanding when served over rice or mashed potatoes

If you do try this out, please let me know what you think:)


  1. I'm so now asking Santa for a crock pot. I keep seeing so many crock pot recipes that I need to get one. It's on my wish list!

  2. Lisa Anne, you will so not regret getting one!!! I have had mine for about 2 years and love it!!! In the winter I use it at least twice a week!

    Thanks for stopping by:)

  3. This looks awesome! I will definetly be adding this to my menu for next week! Thank you for sharing!

  4. This sounds yummy and easy. I make short ribs similar to this and I know they are yummy!

  5. This sounds so good. I'll be trying it real soon. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Wow! Freezer cooking with friends sounds like fun. Plus your cooking is done for weeks.
    Looks like you have a yummy week planned.
    Have a great Halloween or Harvest Festival!