Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Kids Konserve

Kids Konserve challenges children and their families to cut down on the waste created by school lunches, while teaching about the importance of reuse.

Waste-free lunch kits and eco-cool reusable lunch products... Toss out the baggies, fold up the foil, Kids Konserve empowers children and parents to do their part in saving the environment.

Launched in August 2008, Kids Konserve presented their signature waste-free lunch kit and product line followed by GO WILD butterfly and caterpillar waste-free lunch kits.

Early 2009 introduced the Party Pak, with Build a Kit due out for Back to School 2009. New products continue to be introduced, along with Kids Knews, a blog and educational programs with their school Waste-Free Challenges which give a percentage of every sale to the school.

Kids Konserve creates awareness via their Waste-Free Lunch Challenge Fundraiser and teach about not creating waste, Kids Konserve can help lead to a major savings in our landfills and hence reduce greenhouse gases. Many schools do not even recycle, and the amount of trash produced by one child’s lunch alone creates 67 pounds of landfill waste in a school year!

Kids Konserve offers a complete line of reusable food storage options from complete waste-free lunch kits to individual reusable containers and beverage bottles, all made from the safest, non-leaching, bisphenol-A free (BPA) lead free and phthalate free materials. Kids Konserve products are all available on their website and in select retail locations.

Products include:

1. Signature Waste-free Lunch Kit
- Stainless steel beverage bottle
- 2 – 8 ounce 304 grade stainless steel containers with leak proof plastic lids
- 1 Food Kozy™ - reusable baggie for sandwiches, cheese, cut apples and more
- 1 100% cotton cloth napkin
- 1 recycled aluminum name tag
- 1 recycled cotton lunch sack

2. Go Wild Butterfly and Caterpillar Waste-free Lunch Kits:
- Same contents as the Signature Kit, but with a matching
butterfly or caterpillar bottle, napkin and lunch sack

3. Party Paks:
- Three cotton drawstring bags full of 25 each:
recycled dishwasher safe plastic plates, cups, utensils

4. Back to School Build a Lunch Kit:
- Mix and match to create your own solution to a
waste-free lunch kit on the website

5. Beverage Bottles:
- 304 food grade stainless steel beverage bottles in a variety of patterns and sizes

6. Reusable Containers:
- 304 food grade stainless steel food containers in
a variety of patterns and sizes

Waste-free lunch kits are priced between $40 and $42 and other items range from the sport top drinking lids at 2 for $4 to a set of 5 food kozies for $25.

Kids Konserve is committed to environmentally sound practices in every day life.

It is amazing how young children pick up on concepts so easily. Even something like reducing waste, reusing and recycling! My three year already understands that we don't throw out our milk jugs, paper and cardboard. We have special boxes for them to go into and take them to the "big green boxes" at the grocery store. LOL She even helps me sort the recyclable products.

BUY IT: Check out the Kids Konserve website for a list of retail outlets where you can purchase these fantastic product. If you live in the Lethbridge, Alberta area I am happy to say that Andrea Johnson over at Ecobaby Canada is now carrying Kids Konserve product. Check the website here for store location, shipping, etc.

I am happy to announce that my readers can receive a 15% discount for any orders placed on the Kids Konserve site until November 30, 2009, using the code HALLOWEEN!!!


  1. That's pretty nifty. Think I'll check it out. :) Maybe it something we could use in our house.

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  2. These are great! I love the containers.