Friday, October 30, 2009

Little Music Lovers Review ***Giveaway****

I love music, all kinds and I am so happy that my children has developed a love for it as well. I love watching my children dance and sing along to their favorite songs. So when I had a chance to review a sampler CD from Little Music Lovers, I jumped on the opportunity.

About Little Music Lovers: (from Little Music Lovers Media Kit)

Little Music Lovers Smart Music Series provides parents an opportunity to introduce a baby to the world around them in a playful and enriching way through incorporating music in their development.

Many experts believe that when babies and young children listen to classical music it stimulates their brains in a way that prepares them to do better on certain types of tasks.

"Music seems to prime our brains for certain kinds of thinking", says Dr. Diane Blaine, of the University of Georgia. "The classical music pathways in our brain are similar to the pathways we use for spatial reasoning - the ability to understand relationships between objects, such as the pieces in a puzzle. When we listen to classical music, the spatial pathways are 'turned on' and ready to be used."

Nurturing your child's love of music from infancy may help you bond and could even set the stage for early music instruction (by age 4 or 5), which promotes long-term improvements in spatial skills.

Here are some ways that Little Music Lovers encourages parents/caregivers to do with young children:

1. Play music for your baby - a variety of genres
2. Sing to your baby - they will learn language skills and pick up emotions through music
3. Sing with your child - they will learn to memorize and retain words/information

The four part Little Music Lovers Series includes:

1. Smart Music for Activity Time (Bach)

These pieces are fun, exciting and will help bring a great atmosphere to you and your child's lively times together

Includes "The Brandenburg Concertos", "The Little" Fugue in G Minor", "Well-Tempered Clavier"

2. Smart Music for Story Time (Beethoven)

Brings wonderful sounds and melodies to the imagery of your child's most beloved books and tales.

Includes pieces such as "Moonlight Sonata" and "Fur Elise"

3. Smart Time for Bed Time

Relaxing and Soothing music for nap and bedtimes, that features timeless melodies that every child will learn and love.

Includes, "Ave Maria", "Beautiful Dreamer", and "When You Wish Upon A Star"

4. Smart Music for Play Time (Mozart)

The upbeat rhythms and tempos featured are perfect for one on one time or with a group of children.

Includes pieces such as "Piano Concerto 21" and "Concerto in C for Flute"

My Review:

I love classical music, so it was not a stretch to get me to listen to the sampler CD I was sent. It had 8 songs, two from each of the four CD's in the Little Music Lovers Smart Baby Series.

I loved that the sampler gave me a variety of types of classical music, so I got a great feel for what was on the complete CD's. I did not even realize I was listening to a child's CD.

When listening with my children, the music was perfect for doing "dancing and ballet" as my 3 years said. As well we pretended to "skate" sliding across the flooring in my living room

Over all, this sampler from Little Music Lovers is very good and I would highly recommend to any parent/caregiver who is looking to incorporate classical music listening in the lives of their children.

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****Thank you to Little Music Lovers and Role Mommy for sending me a complimentary sampler to use for the purpose of product review. The review seen above is my honest opinion.****


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