Thursday, October 29, 2009

Time Out Thursday

So this week has been a tough one. Both my little ones had fevers late last week for about 4 days so made taking time for me, but I still managed to do it! I normally take time daily for my devotions but that has been difficult with the girls sick. One with the flu and one who is teething with her eye teeth (haven't cut through yet, ugh).

However, on Monday I took advantage of naptime, and spent about an hour just reading my Bible and one of my devotional books for moms. It was nice to take that time and I did not realize how much I had missed it. I was also able to attend Ladies Bible Study last night, which was really nice. We are doing a Beth Moore study on the life of David, and its has been very inspirational for me.

I am grateful that I have a husband who encourages me to take time for myself because he knows how much it benefits me:)

Have a great Thursday all!


  1. Even through the craziness, you always manage to get some time. Good for you! Hope the little ones are feeling better.

  2. And it's beneficial to the whole family when you are centered and in a good place!

  3. What a great post! It is difficult to get devo's in when the kiddies are sick. What an inspiration to us in your diligence!

  4. Oh man poor babies. Chloe and Kyiah were sick last week and so was I total bummer. Ugghh I hate to see my kids sick it makes me so sad for them.

    Well I am happy you still was able to get your bible study in with the ladies.

    Have a great day! :)

  5. Poor sweeties! My kiddo's have had really bad colds, and we have a teether as well! I am glad you had a great time out!

  6. Hope your little ones feel better. My son had the same thing last week. Isnt it great when you have a supportive husband. It really makes life a bit easier. I have to schedule in time to read or I just forget to do it. I think when someone in the house gets sick. Its a good reminder to slow down.