Friday, November 20, 2009

Fit For My King Book Review

I have struggled with a weight problem for a long time. I have tried many different diet plans over the years, with none of them having any lasting results. Only in the last 3 years or so have I realized that losing weight is all about a lifestyle change versus a "diet" that lasts only a specific time period.

When I was given the opportunity to review the book, Fit For My King: His Princess 30 Day Diet Plan & Devotional by Sheri Rose Shepard, I jumped at the chance. Any book that incorporates Biblical principles with healthy weight loss sounds like a great combination.

Thank you to Donna Hausler at Baker Publishing Group for sending me a complimentary copy of Fit For My King, for the purpose of review.

About The Book:

Discover the best health and weight-loss secrets found in God's Word!

In this 30 day journey, the bestselling author of His Princess shares how God healed her from an eating disorder, helped her conquer chronic fatigue, and gave her the strength and wisdom to lose over sixty pounds and keep it off. Today, at nearly 50 years old, Sheri Rose is healthy and free. More than a half a million women have been set free through this life changing teaching.

You can win this diet war once and for all! Sheri Rose Shepherd walks through each day with you, supporting you with 30 days of life changing devotions, heartwarming stories, creative cooking, and a daily dose of Scripture to keep you on track. The treasures of truth found in these pages will transform the way you see yourself forever.

About The Author:

Sheri Rose Shepherd is the founder of His Princess Ministries and the author of several books, including the bestselling His Princess: Love Letters from Your King. She was the popular subject of a prime-time Billy Graham special and will be touring with Extraordinary Women in 2010. She lives with her family in Orange County, California.

My Review:

This book was so incredibly encouraging! The book was very well organized into three sections: His Princess Diet Plan, His Princess Devotionals and finally, His Princess Meal Plan and Recipes.
The book is written in an easy to read manner, that encourages the reader on her weight loss journey with every word.

The Diet plan is laid out very simply and is so easy to follow. There is a lot of fasting that is suggested. For example, fasting from white flours, pastas, and sugar substitutes. It also encourages increasing water intake and exercise. These are all things that I already do, so I was much more interested in the other two parts of the book.

The one downfall I had with the exercise plan is that it is suggested that you workout 5 days a week for 25-30 minutes each day. I know that when I started working out regularly, 5 days a week was very discouraging initally. I think its far better to start with 2-3 days and work up as you get into a routine. Particularly if you have never worked out before.

She also encourages working out to praise/Christian music, as it keeps your focus on your King! One thing that Shepard does not mention in the book is to always speak with your physician before starting a new workout/diet to make sure your body is able to handle it.

The devotions are wonderful. They are divided into three parts: the devotion, His Princess in Action (something for the reader to do to learn from) and a Treasure of Truth for Today. I loved them all! I even made a list of all the treasures in my journal for reference.

Finally, the meal plan and recipes are great! She gives alot of preparation ideas for the reader as they work through the 30 days. For example, cutting up fresh vegetables and putting them in plastic bags so they are ready for you to snack on. The recipes, for the most part, use pretty simple ingredients and are easy to prepare. I actually cannot review them per say as I have yet to try any of them, but from reading them, they sound delicious. For example, Awesome Chicken, Apricot and Cabbage Salad.

Throughout the book, Shepard shares the struggles that she has experienced with Bulimia and Chronic Fatique, and how through her relationship with Christ she has been able to work through those issues and become the Princess of God she was always meant to be. The devotionals constantly remind the reader to move on from the past. Jesus has forgiven our past sins and we have to forgive ourselves or we will never be who we are meant to fully be in Christ. One of the Treasures of Truth that Shepard writes is "Don't let your past torment you...let it teach you. Leave the past where it the cross".

Fit For My King is available for purchase effective November 12, 2009

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful book! I will be looking for it this week!