Saturday, November 21, 2009

Kenson Parenting "I Can Do It" Reward Chart Review & Giveaway

As a parent of two young children, I am always looking for ideas on how to curb undesirable behavior. Though I do not completely agree with "bribing" a child to change behavior, I do know that behavior modification method do work well with many children.

When I was given the chance to review the "I Can Do It" Reward Chart from Kenson Parenting Solutions I jumped at the chance. Thank you to Kenson Parenting Solutions for sending me a complimentary Reward Chart and all Supplemental packs for the purpose of review and allowing me to host a giveaway (more on that below).

About Kenson Parenting Solutions:

At Kenson Parenting Solutions, we are dedicated to providing parents and caregivers innovative and practical solutions to assist in the development, protection and wellbeing of their children. All of our kid's reward charts and other products have been tested and proven to be beneficial to parents and most importantly your children.

It is our mission to create durable, high quality products that really work and make parenting easier. We will strive to give parents the tools they need to help raise more responsible, self-reliant kids.

Kenson Parenting Solutions also carries a wide array of fun & educational products. Check them out on the website's Product Page.

About the "I Can Do It" Reward Chart:

Children thrive on praise and a little incentive goes a long way. Our reward charts give parents the tools to help raise more self-reliant, responsible kids.

Our reward charts for children have fun, colorful pictures and are easy to use. Kids love earning stars and tracking their progress on our reward charts.

The award winning "I Can Do It!" Reward Chart has been recommended by

"I Can Do It!" Reward Chart was given the 2009 Top Choice Award by Creative Child Magazine and has been given the Seal of Approval by The National Parenting Center.

Many children with ADHD thrive on routine and tracking their progress. Our reward charts for kids can help your child. The pictures on our "I Can Get Ready for School!" Reward Chart make it easy to see what tasks are finished and what is left to complete.

We’ve teamed up with educators to bring a new line of reward charts to the classroom setting. We offer a line of charts designed to be used in a preschool, daycare and elementary classroom settings.

About The Supplemental Packs:

Our supplemental packs are made up of extra chores and behaviors that can be used in addition to the original 20 you receive with your "I Can Do It!" Reward Chart. These are the supplemental packs available for use with the "I Can Do It!" Reward Chart:

*15 Behaviors/Family - includes No back talk, No teasing, Tell the truth, Be a good sport, Do a good deed, No tattling, Use only kind words, Keep a positive attitude, No grumbling/complaining, Behave in public, Read a book, Independant play, Help with cooking, Good manners while others talking, Help with groceries
*15 Chores - includes: Pull Weeds, Empty Dishwasher, Put clothes away, Check Mail, Sweep Floor. Dust, Clean toilet, Help with laundry, Mop floor, Vacuum, Mow yard, Walk dog, Rake leaves, Help wash car, Take out trash
*15 School - includes: Do your homework, Practice, Get up on time, Get ready for school, Take a shower, Brush hair/teeth, Eat breakfast, Pack backpack, Wash face, Take medicine/vitamin, Put on Shoes/Coat, Put Things Away, Exercise and 2 Blanks
*5 Christian Living - The "Christian Living" supplemental pack includes: Say your prayers, Read the Bible, Memorize a Verse, Obey, and Act of Kindness
*5 Blank - comes with five blank chore pieces that you can customize yourself
The "I Can Do It!" Reward Chart comes with velcro stars, and you can also buy extra stars when needed. The "I Can Do It!" Reward Chart is recommended for children ages 3- 10 years

There are also 11 other charts available for parents and educators, including the NEW Potty Training System, NEW Babysitter Need To Know List, and NEW Honey Do List....check them all out here.

My Review:

I was very impressed with the "I Can Do It!" Reward Chart and all the supplemental packs.

The chart is laminated and has magnet strips on the back so we hung it on our fridge and low enough that my daughter can put stars on herself. The chart has space for 6 behaviors/chores, and is set up for use with the entire week.

I love that it is bright in color and also includes a spot for the parent to write a goal for number of stars and a reward for the child. Right now we are not using those two parts of the chart, just watching behaviors at this point.

As my daughter is only three, we picked behaviors over school/chores to chart. We went through the age appropriate chart pieces and picked the following: Read The Bible (we read nightly most of the time), Good Manners When Mommy Is On The Phone (big problem in our house), No Whining, Clean Your Mess, Get Along With Others (I have a home daycare so this is great), and Share Your Toys.

We have been charting for about two weeks, and I have definitely seen a decrease in some of my daughters biggest "problem" areas - good manners when I am on the phone and whining. I usually give her one reminder like, "remember the star chart" and her behavior changes most of the time. In fact there has only been a couple days where she did not receive stars for the good manners while I am on the phone.

She gets so excited at the end of the day when its time to "get the stars out!". I have her point to the pictures and tell me what they are, and if she thinks she should get a star for that picture. Then she gets to put the star on herself.

I look forward to using the other supplemental behavior/school/chore/Bible pieces as both my girls grow. I highly recommend this product for any parent or educator. Especially those who might be dealing with problem behaviors or school issues. I feel that this would be a great tool for those parents whose child or children are only showing potential problems as this would likely help to prevent problems from even starting.

BUY IT!: Head over to Kenson Parenting Solutions and purchase your "I Can Do It!" Reward Chart today! If you mention this blog post upon purchasing an "I Can Do It!" Reward Chart, you will receive your choice of either a FREE Blank Pack or Christian Living Supplemental Pack.

WIN IT!: One lucky reader will receive a "I Can Do It!" Reward Chart and all Supplemental Packs (over $40 value)

To Enter: Head over to the Products page and tell me one other product you would love to try.

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  11. Taking away priviledges. Ours is about to old for time-out.

  12. Accept and Value Each Person book. I believe we should all treat others the way we would want to be treated.

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  19. Parenting Tip: Always follow through with what you say (ex: if you tell your child there will be a specific consequence, do that.) If you don't do what you will, you lose all credibility in their eyes.

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