Thursday, November 19, 2009

Top 10 Things I Would Rather Do Than Clean

So I went over to In The Mommy Trenches today and I loved her Top 10 list today - 10 Things I Would Rather Do Than Clean! Check it out here.

Here is my Top 10 Things I would rather do than clean:

1. Scrapbook

2. Read a good book, with a nice cup of tea or Chai Tea Latte (gotta love my Tassimo)

3. Watch TV

4. Play with my girls

5. Do Crossword puzzles

6. Have a leisurely bubble bath

7. Read books with my girls

8. Go for a walk as a family

9. Blog

10. Go on the net, especially Facebook

If you want to join in the fun head over to In The Mommy Trenches, It's A Beauty Filled Life, and Domestically Challenged and My Messy Paradise to link up your Top 10! You can use my list or anyone of these fine ladies' lists or make up your own!

Have a great day:)


  1. All of them sound good to me, except scrap! I think I will sub running for that!!

  2. I love all love those.. Great list. Thanks so much for playing along!