Thursday, November 5, 2009

Top 10 Thursday - Household Items

Today I am going to list my Top 10 Favorite Household Items. These are things that make my life as a Stay at Home/Work At Home Mom so much easier! Some are items and some are websites (well one for sure!). So here goes:

1. Flylady, Flylady, Flylady!!!!! (do you think I like her:)

This website has saved my sanity. I have used many of her tips and it has helped to make my day go by so quickly and efficiently (most of the time, because as we know, life happens.)

2. My HouseHold Management Binder System

I took a couple binders and divided them up with different sections like calanders, things to do, budget, menu planning, cleaning, etc. I am actually do a post on my system soon. I have taken a few different ideas and developed something that works well for me and my family needs!

3. Tupperware Modular Mates!!!!

These have organized my cupboards, particularly my pantry. I also no longer find things months later, and think "oh, thats where that went" after buying it like 3 times, thinking I had used it.

They are expensive - in Canada they are over $200 for a starter set, although I got mine for a great price after hosting a party:)

4. Norwex Mop System

I like to use as natural of products as possible when cleaning. If you have never used Norwex products before, you are missing out!!!! All you use is the clothes, mops, and water!!! Nothing else! No chemicals, nothing....its awesome. The mop system has a dry mop and wet mop and the handle is telescopic so you can even wash walls with it! Its not a cheap investment but soooo worth it (in Canada, the large mop system is $90)

5. Soapnuts

I have done a review on these little gems....I cannot imagine doing laundry without them. No chemicals involved and clothes are clean, and fresh!

6. Wii

We just bought one second hand and I love it....I am not usually the "gamer" in the family, I leave that to my hubby, but since we bought I have tried it out for working out (I have the My Fitness Coach - so coo!) and it helps me do my workouts in a fun much more motivating then the treadmill or going for a walk!

7. My Jumbo Skillet

I use this for everything....sauces, soups, pancakes, everything.....My Rival electric frying pan finally had to be replaced a few weeks ago after having it almost 8 years :( but instead of an electric pan I bought a stove top one from T-Fal and LOVE it!

8 & 9. Pampered Chef Food Chopper & Mandolin

I use these two items for just about every meal!!! It saves time and I can't imagine chopping and dicing any other way now:)

10. My Slow Cooker

Any of you readers who have one know what I mean, any of you who don't need to get one:)

What about you, what is your weekly Top 10 Thursday list....check out Zeemaid at In The Mommy Trenches to join in the fun:)

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  1. oooh I just love your list. I'd love to have #4, 8 and 9. I've never heard of soap nuts. Sounds interesting. I love the WII.

    I would love to read your post on your organizational system.

    BTW I love your background. Very Cheery.

    Thanks for joining in on the Top Ten Thursday.