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Chocolate: A Love Story - Book Review

When I got married 12 years ago, I am the first to admit, I did not like to cook or bake. However, since having children of I have no choice but to cook (and bake). I have collected a number of awesome cookbooks over the years but nothing can compare to one I recently discovered and had a chance to review

Chocolate: A Love Story is published by Hachette Book Group and was released in November 2009. Thank you to Hachette for sending me a complimentary copy of this book for the purpose of review.

With gigantic vats of churning chocolate, desserts like their famous chocolate pizza, and 12 varieties of hot chocolate served in custom mugs, Max Brenner, Chocolate by the Bald Man has turned their line of hip, colorful themed restaurants into an international sensation..   Chocolate: A Love Story is a vibrant new cookbook that includes 65 original recipes narrated in the quirky, captivating voice of Max Brenner, the restaurant's visionary founder and "bald man." Bold original illustrations inspired by Art Deco poster graphics, full-color photographs, easy-to-follow, delicious recipes, and a serving of Max's unique vision for spreading "chocolate culture" around the world make this book a must for every chocolate lover.

About The Author:

Max Brenner is a confectioner, businessman, and above all, a passionate lover of chocolate. He began his career as an apprentice throughout Europe, where he worked in the best kitchens alongside renowned pastry chefs. It was in Europe that his love for chocolate evolved into passion, leading him to open a small chocolate workshop in his homeland of Israel. Many years later, Max Brenner: Chocolate by the Bald Man is now a thriving international brand, committed to spreading Max's vision of Chocolate Culture to the world. 

My Review:

I love chocolate. It does not matter what it is, if there is chocolate in it, you can bet I will probably like it. Though not a huge fan of chocolate bars per say, I have my favorites like Snickers and 3 Musketeers. But my favorite chocolate treats are brownies (just out of the oven with ice cream!), chocolate mousse, and hot chocolate on a cold day. Of course chocolate cheesecake wins hands down.

So when I had the opportunity to review Chocolate: A Love Story, I did not turn down the chance to get some new recipes for my favorite indulgence! This book is absolutely glorious. Here is just some of the recipe names that will have you craving chocolate instantly:

***Guilt-free Fried Chocolate Truffles
***Bad Boy Chocolate Pizza
***A Therapeutic Chocolate Pot Pie

So is your mouth watering yet? I actually tried out two recipes....Bad Boy Chocolate Pizza and the Contentious Chocolate Chip Cookies and WOW!!! Very easy to follow recipes are my favorite and these two recipes did not disappoint! Easy peasy and still very yummy desserts!!!

All ingredients for most of the recipes in the book, including the two I tried, are many of the items you would have in your pantry.

The Bad Boy Pizza includes things like Hazelnut Spread (Nutella), pizza dough, and three different kinds of chocolate chips. The Chocolate Chip Cookies use cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, dried apricots, and two different kinds of chocolate! This is a huge plus for me, as I really don't want to have to run all over trying to find "special" (expensive) ingredients if I can at all avoid it!

I was very impressed also with the photos/art work that is on the pages opposite the recipes. If the photos of some of the recipes are any indication, these recipes look amazing! The colors in the art work are bold, and have a feel of the Art Deco world.

This would be a fabulous gift for the baking/cooking fan in your life. Or even a great gift for yourself.

BUY IT: Head over to Hachette Book Group for a listing of retailers that sell Chocolate: A Love Story
Also can be purchased at your local bookseller.

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