Wednesday, December 9, 2009

One Noble Journey Blog Tour and Review

I love children's books, as is very evident by the ever growing collection in my children's room! I have been collecting books for many years, as I worked as an Early Childhood Educator prior to being a stay/work at home mom. So I am always on the hunt for new books for my girls and my home daycare. Especially books that teach a life lesson.

When I was approached to be a part of the blog tour for Dixie Phillips' new book, One Noble Journey, I jumped at the chance. I have never actually read any of her books, and I am always wanting to read new authors. Thank you to Dixie Phillips and Pump Up Your Book Promotion for this opportunity and for sending me a complimentary copy of One Noble Journey for the purpose of review.

About The Book:

Dixie Phillips has delivered another delightful tale in One Noble Journey. Two cultures collide in the tiny village of Westbury. An orphan girl from the lowlands, the daughter of a Count from the highlands and a baby raccoon will entertain the hearts of children of all ages. One Noble Journey is guaranteed to help shape small souls. Artist is Kim Sponaugle. This award winning duo, Dixie and Kim, teamed up again to produce another winner. Stubby’s Destiny won the Literary Award for Excellence Best of 2008 in the Children’s Animal Story category. Suggested age for readers 3-10.

About The Author:

Dixie Phillips began writing seasonal plays for children in 1987. These delightful programs have been published by Abingdon Press, Standard Publishing, Eldridge Publishing, Evangelizing Today’s ChildGospel Publishing House. One of Dixie’s children’s books, Stubby’s Destiny, was awarded the 2008 Best Children’s Animal Story by Books and Authors. Guardian Angel Publishing has released Angel Eyes, One Noble Journey and Baby Jesus is Missing. Cinderfella and the Furry Godmother and Stilts the Stork will be released in 2010.

Dixie also has a passion for writing God’s truths for adults. She has contributed to an award-winning devotional book and has ghostwritten books on marriage, health, poetry and personal testimonies. She is currently a topical curriculum writer for Randall House. Dixie is a pastor’s wife of more than 30 years. She and her husband, Paul, have four grown children and have served the Gospel Lighthouse Church in Floyd, Iowa, for 28 years.

You can learn more about Dixie’s books and the Phillips’ ministry by visiting

My Review:

When I first received One Noble Journey, one of the first things that I noticed was the whimsical illustrations. They are so cute. I thought they were very colorful, and very true to what was written on the opposite page. I say that because my three year old will "read" books by pointing to the pictures and tell the story of whats in the picture. When she is ready to read the words, it will match the pictures.

She also really likes this story. When she asks me to read it, she calls it the "book with the girls and racoon in it". Though there is a lot of reading in it, I do agree with the recommended age. My daughter will sit through the whole book. In fact, the other night we read it twice before bed!

I love the life lessons that are in this book. That "the cross always helps us find our way home" and "the ground is level at the foot of the cross" are wonderful messages that all people should hear, whether you are 3 or 40. I am so glad that Dixie Phillips incorporated Biblical messages throughout One Noble Journey. I also love the story of forgiveness and how a child's behavior can soften the hardness in an adult with just one act of kindness. I also love the underlying message that it does not matter what our "social status" is, in God's, and children's, eyes we are all the same.

I definitely look forward to reading more of Dixie Phillips' books in the future.

One Noble Journey is a book I would definitely recommend as a gift for children of all ages. With Christmas only 15 days away, this book would be a great gift idea.

BUY IT: One Noble Journey can be purchased through Barnes and Noble, and


  1. Thanks for the lovely review of Dixie's book. It's one of my favorites from her, and I've read several. She also has a new one titled, "Baby Jesus is Missing" which is perfect for Christmas too.

    I hope your readers stop by her website and take a look at the many wonderful books Dixie has available. Each of them contains a wonderful message.

    Thanks for hosting Dixie today.

    Merry Christmas to you and your readers!


  2. Thank you for your gracious review of my children's book "One Noble Journey." Your kind words were a ray of SONshine while I am sitting in my house in the middle of an Iowa blizzard.

    Please let your little ones know that I actually had a pet raccoon named Bandit when I was a little girl. :-) (And yes he was a thief!)

    Thanks again,