Thursday, December 3, 2009

Theta Mom Thursday!

Okay, so Theta Mom has her Time Out For Theta Mom Thursday back up after time off for Thanksgiving, etc. So I am back too!

This week has been actually pretty crazy. Trying to get Christmas shopping done, trying to do some baking, spending time with my family, blogging and all the other daily mom stuff. But I did take some time for me.

Actually on Tuesday evening I decided to have a bubble bath with a good book, but stepped it up a bit. I still did the bath, but added scented candles, and brought my CD Player in with me with an awesome Christmas CD by Chris Rice. Its all piano music and soooooo relaxing. And I had a nice cup of hot green tea with me too.....I soaked for almost an hour ...until my hubby came to check on me to make sure I did not turn into a prune LOL......It was a great way to end the day for sure.

Did you take time for yourself this week. If so, head over to Theta Mom and link up with your Time Out Thursday!!


  1. I wish I had a nice tub to soak in, that sounds lovely

  2. I think I probably would have fallen asleep in the bath tub with that relaxing music. lol

  3. I love the holiday blog layout!

    And I am so proud yet jealous that you took such a relazing time out!

    Good for you!

  4. You go girl! Bubble baths are one of the rare pleasures I enjoy, too. I did some miniature golf: