Thursday, December 10, 2009

Time Out Thursday

So this week has been a crazy one. As it always is when you are a mom, and run your own business. I have a home daycare with three children (plus my two) that I operate Monday to Friday. This keeps me hopping all the time. There is never a dull moment in my home (okay, except maybe naptime - but then I clean, how fun is that:))

This week, despite being really busy as Christmas creeps closer, I did take time for myself. Sorry to disappoint, but my time outs this week did not include scrapbooking or bubble baths. GASP! I know, hard to believe LOL. No this week, actually I took deliberate time to bake. I really enjoy this but of course never have enough time. And because Christmas party/get together's are upon us I needed some goodies to share with family/friends. I was able to make rum balls, carrot bread, muffins and chocolate chip cookies. Wow, I am so proud of myself that I took the time to do this. Not a "relaxing" time out but definitely something fun for me to do and still feel like I accomplished something.

How about you? Did you take a time out for yourself this week? If so, head over to Theta Mom and tell her about it!


  1. They sound so yummy! Thanks for sharing your time out!!!

  2. I actually did get a a relaxing "time out" the other day in the middle of the afternoon! I had a bath with candles even!

    All the baking sounds wonderful and tasty!