Friday, December 11, 2009

Upcoming Reviews

As Christmas continues to creep closer and closer it has been a very busy month. Not only with holiday preparations but also with reading. I have a TON of book reviews coming up and here is a short list of only some of the books I will be reviewing between now and February.

*Leaning Into God When Life Is Pushing You Away - Robert A Schuller
*Secular Sabatoge by Bill Donahue
*There's More To Life Than Making A Living by Jack C. McDowell
*A Climate For Change By Katherine Hayhoe and Andrew Farley
*The Truth by Barbara Holestein
*Just Breeze by Beverly Stowe McClure
*EyeWitness by Frank Ball
*40 Loaves by C.D Baker
*Black Out by Jason Elam and Steve Yohn
*and many more

Many of these books will also include giveaways so keep your eyes peeled!!!

Thank you to all of youwho follow and comment regularly!!! It is so awesome to know that I have regular readers!!!

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