Monday, January 18, 2010

Moonbeam Dreams: Book Review

About The Book:

Moonbeam Dreams is an intricately rhyming bed-time story written and illustrated by Gina C. Browning. It takes the reader and listeners on a magical, Dr. Seuss-like romp to the Land of Beddie-byes, where they meet all sorts of wonderful and interesting creatures. 

There are butterflies with gems dripping from their wings, dragons riding in red wagons, Lycra-wearing newts skating on moonbeams, unicorns, a frog climbing a kite-string, extra large snails and cats with fish-tails, and many, many more fun creatures to meet. It’s a positive, up-lifting and fun story that encourages children that almost anything is possible if you can dream it and believe in it strongly enough. It also encourages children to not be afraid of the dark, and that they have the ability to take control of their dreams. It also encourages children to welcome the weird and wonderful things that they might see in their dreams.

It is a story with a vocabulary that a child can learn from and grow into. It is also entertaining and interesting for adults to read as well.

It contains some interesting rhyming mechanics, alliteration and 22 bright and colorful, entertaining illustrations.

About The Author:

Writer and illustrator, Gina C. Browning, says some of the verses in her poetry book first came to her in her dreams as she was recovering from surgery years ago.

The poems and illustrations in Moonbeam Dreams gradually evolved into “a keenly rhymed, fantastical romp through a fantasy land, with weird and wonderful characters for readers of any age to enjoy.” Her poetry truly is for the young at heart.

Browning thinks her dreams are fun and adventurous, as she always looks for the positive side to everything. Her book encourages children not to be afraid of the dark, and to believe in themselves and their abilities so that almost anything is possible. Browning says dreams can come true “either in daylight or night” if you believe in them strongly enough.

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An Excerpt:

“I once spied way up high a bright butterfly
looking lustrous from even that height.
It was covered in gems that dripped from the hems
of its wings- then they’d brightly ignite.
The ‘fly gave a quiver, then off with a shiver
flew all around, much like a sprite.
It flew down to my finger where there it did linger,
and then at last, did alight.”

My Review:

 This book is awesome! My three year wants to read this on a regular basis, in fact we have read it at least a dozen times. The illustrations are fun and the colors so vibrant! I love the rhyming and I love that it keeps the attention of my child during story time before bed! I also love the positive message that when you dream it, anything can happen!

I highly recommend Moonbeam Dreams as a book you need to have in your child's home library collection!

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***Thank you to Gina Browning and to Cheryl at Pump Up Your Book Promotions for sending me a complimentary copy of this book for the purpose of review.***

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