Thursday, January 7, 2010

Embracing Your Freedom Book Tour

About The Book:

While our culture places great emphasis on comfort, security, control, and success, there are deeper rewards for those who take hold of God’s promises and reach out in the Name of Christ. Adventure, faith, miracles, and a deep knowledge of Jesus Christ. This is what Susie calls her readers to realize.
Many women feel stuck in their faith. They are bored living in a Christian bubble and long for the greater adventure of significance God designed for them! But just how do we move past our fears and the lies that keep us bound to our past? And are we really called to change the world? Embracing Your Freedom will give you a deeper understanding of your freedom in Christ and a bigger view of God’s heart for the world.

Book Excerpt:

As you become more aware of God’s heart for freedom, your heart will burn for it as well. If you will dare to put your foot down on the promises of God and refuse to relent until freedom becomes your reality, your appetite for the freedoms of others will increase as well. Take seriously what God has offered you here, because as a Believer living in this day, you are in a powerful position of influence.” –Embracing Your Freedom

You can read an excerpt of Embracing Your Freedom at

About The Author:

Ask Susie about her conviction for women, and she’ll tell you, “The two pillars in my ministry, the two things I care most about are for women to be drawn into a ‘deeper life in Christ’ that they might live more ‘powerful lives on earth.’ When we pursue a thriving, personal, intimate walk of faith, we can’t help but be compelled to make a difference in our world.” With enthusiasm, humor, and conviction, author/speaker Susie Larson has spoken to thousands of women locally, nationally, and internationally. She is a member of the Advanced Writers and Speakers Association, Women in Christian Media, and has served on the board of directors for the Christian Authors Network. Susie also regularly fills in as guest host for Along the Way – a two-hour talk radio show (AM Faith 900). Susie worked as a freelance writer for Focus on the Family, and published over fifty articles with them. She has been featured on radio and TV programs across the country, including Moody Midday Connection, Family Life Today, Chris Fabry Live!, The Harvest Show, and the LIFE Today Show with James and Betty Robison.

While in Washington D.C., Susie and her husband Kevin, along with Troy and Sara Groves, represented International Justice Mission’s*concerns in meetings with Congress as part of their efforts to abolish and prevent human trafficking and slavery. The four of them serve as co-chairs for the IJM benefit banquet in Minnesota. Susie and her husband Kevin have been married since 1985 and have three wonderful, grown sons. Susie comes with a passion to share the love of a Savior who will never let us go. 

Susie’s messages will help you to:
Cultivate a more personal and thriving relationship with Jesus
Understand God’s promises and be more bold in your faith
Understand your value and the important call on your life
Comprehend God’s heart for the least-of-these

You can find Susie online at

*IJM, among other things, rescues young girls from the horrific life of human trafficking. (visit

My Review:

During the last few months I have noticed a number of Christian Authors releasing books on Social Justice. I have to be honest and say that initially, I thought that many of these authors were jumping on the "proverbial" band wagon. Let me explain.

It seems to me that in the entertainment industy today, many stars, and authors, are speaking out on social issues more than ever before. While I think this is a great that issuess such as sexual slavery, child poverty, and the  AIDS epidemic are being brought to the forefront, I tend to get a little skeptical when those in the entertainment industry "promote" them. It almost comes across as "duty thing" or "publicity stunt" at times.

However, Susie Larson's book, Embracing Your Freedom: A Personal Experience of God's Heart For Justice" does not fit in this category. It is a genuinely written book, that definitely made me realize that I have not done all I can for God's Kingdom here on earth.

Though this book is an easy read, its not easy to hear the stories of women who have been rescued from human trafficking through International Justice Missions. I have definitely been challenged to pray more for this issue and to be the person that I am called by God to be!!! There is a part in the book when Larson points out, "...The question should be not, "How can God allow this to happen, but rather how can we allow it to?" (referencing a call she received about the issue of Human Trafficking). This comment floored me.

Each chapter ends with a prayer in which you prayer for yourself and for social justice around the world. As well, there are thought provoking and encouraging questions/Bible Study at the end of most chapters to help you through your journey to complete freedom!!!

I was reminded through this book that we, as humans, were created to take care of the earth, and everything it encompasses, and we are so not doing this!!! I have been challenged to live out the Great Commandment and has challenged me to "step out of my comfort zone, my fear" and trust in Him and know that I can make a difference in the lives of people (men, women and children alike) around the world if only I step up!!!

I highly recommend this book to all those who want to be challenged, reminded and encouraged! This book will bring you to places you likely have not been and you will come out a better, stronger person because of it!!!

BUY IT: Embracing Your Freedom: A Personal Experience of God's Heart for Justice can be purchased directly from Susie Larson's website, as well as from and

****Thank you to Cheryl at Pump Up Your Book Promotion Virtual Book Tours, and Susie Larson for providing me with a complimentary copy of this book for the purpose of review****


  1. Thanks for the superb review of Susie's book. I haven't read it yet, though it's next in line, and now I really want to read it.

    I'm hoping that Susie will be touring again in March or April with her latest kid's book. I'll let you know.

    Thanks again.


  2. Dear Friend,

    Thanks so much for the wonderful review. I very much appreciated your honesty and encouragement.

    God's blessings upon you and yours!

  3. Wow, Cheryl, your review put my heart on the written page. Everything you said is the same message that I have been speaking out to anyone who will listen to me in my sphere of influence. Amen! My heart and conscience have been pricked by a message I heard from Susie at a retreat back in '07. Since then, I cannot turn a deaf ear or a blind eye.I have read and re-read Embracing Your Freedom and passed it out to all of my friends. Also using it in a discipleship group. Love this powerful book and this powerful author, Susie Larson.

    I have just started a Christian themed social justice blog titled, "Kingdom...on earth." The link is if you would like to check it out. Regarding your review, I could not have said it better and may the Lord multiply our combined efforts! Bless you, Lynn