Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Diagnosis and Life Changing Week

So this week, I received news that I have Type 2 Diabetes. Although a serious diagnosis, I know that I will be okay. Right now, I am only monitoring my blood sugars twice a day, and controlling my diet. I will see the doctor in about a month to follow up and see if it is necessary to be put on medications.

I am not entirely surprised by this diagnosis as I had gestational diabetes with both my pregnancies, and during my last one, I was insulin dependent. Also, I have family history of diabetes.

I am asking you, my readers to pray for me as I make changes to my diet, which was not all that bad to begin with, but I am a carb lover, so I need to make some tweets in my diet for sure:)

Also, pray that my sugars will lower....I am seeing slightly lower numbers, but still above normal, and its only been two days since I have been checking my sugars but its still frustrating when I have been careful with what I am eating. I have been exercising daily on my Wii Fit Plus, and once it warms up outside, I will be planning to go running more too!

Also, if you have any ideas for meals, etc please feel free to let me know, I will take any advice I can get.


  1. I'm sorry to hear about this Shirley. You'll definitely be in my prayers.

    As for diet, my husband watches his sugar, even though he isn't diabetic. We usually have sugar free ice cream, cookies, and drinks around here. If I were a better mommy, I would eat that stuff too, but here I am typing this and sipping on a Pepsi. Bad mommy, bad mommy. LOL!

    The hubby eats a lot of salads for lunch. Subway turns any sub into a salad for only a dollar more, so that's a good on the go thing. Dinner time around here is usually some form of chicken and rice. When I feel like treating him I make a honey chicken dish. I also bake fish and once a month we will have pork and/or steak.

    Maybe you can find a low-carb diet cookbook to give you a hand. One of these days I'll start watching my diet and exercising too. Just not today.

    Good luck!


  2. Saying a prayer for you Shirley!

  3. Stopping by from ParlinMom!!

    My mom is in the same boat, the doctor told her last April and she has lost about 35 pounds, all by changing her diet also. She is on pills twice a day and thank God she is feeling better about everything.

    As far as a solution, she uses Splenda, Mrs Dash, and she has even started using all the FiberOne products and she was a BIG junk-food junkie.

    I will pray for you. Prayers are answered!!