Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Eating The Pantry Challenge UPDATE

So the other day I posted that I had signed up to do the Eating The Pantry Challenge. You can see the post here.

Well I checked out my freezer and cupboards and then went to get a few things for groceries. I have spent a total of $165 and will not have to buy anything else, other than milk, bread and fresh produce!!! I cannot believe it!!! I really encourage you all to try this challenge out!!! It is amazing how much you can eliminate from grocery shopping when you look in your cupboards first!!!!

Where I live in Alberta, Canada the majority of grocery stores have15% off Tuesdays on the first Tuesday of the month, so we almost always try to shop that day for our "big shop". When I went shopping on Tuesday night, I saved almost $100 by getting 15% off and buying things on sale. Also, the grocery store I shop at has a points program, and I was able to redeem points and get significant savings on most of the items I bought, and got my 4L Milk Jugs FREE!!!! I was so excited because with a 3yr old and 18 mth old, we go through a great deal of milk!!! I might even go back tomorrow and get some more milk and freeze it!!! (its not going to cost me anything so why not:)

Anyway, I will give a grand total at the end of the month but I am pretty sure I will not go over $200 for the month!!! We normally spend over $500, so i am so amazed!!!

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