Monday, January 4, 2010

Eating From The Pantry Challenge

Since it is a new year I am all about making new goals and plans for myself and my family. One of my goals is to cut down on our grocery bill. I have been meal planning for about a year and love it! Not only does it save us money, but it totally makes me more aware of what is coming in and out of my pantry, freezer and cupboards!

So when I saw the Eat From The Pantry Challenge being discussed on one of my favorite blogs, I'm An Organizing Junkie, I just had to sign up!!!

The premise of the challenge is plan with as little shopping as possible. Basically, use what you already have. I love it! Check out Money Saving Mom (a great blog that I just discovered) for the specifics of the challenge! You can sign up there as well!!!

Here are the rules that I am going to follow:

1. Shop at the store a maximum of 3 times during the month of January

2. Only buy milk, bread and produce (fruits and veggies)

3. Spend $150 or less on groceries for the month

4. Donate $100 or more to local food bank

I will be updating how we are doing on this challenge throughout the month, so keep tuned in!!! I am so looking forward to this!! Let the challenge begin!!!

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