Saturday, January 23, 2010

New Goal for 2010!!!


For the last couple of years, I have seen advertisements for the Weekend To End Breast Cancer 2 Day Walks and have been thinking that would be a great thing to do. However, I have not been in the best shape, and other commitments have come up that have forced me not to do it.

However, this year the event has changed a bit of direction. It is now called The Weekend to End Women's Cancer, and you can choose to walk one day (30km) or two days (60km). It is a huge fundraiser for my province's (Alberta, Canada) cancer foundation, and as a women's cancer survivor (will be 5 years at the time of the event) I would love to participate in this event!

If you can, please pray for me as I make the decision of whether to do this or not. Its a huge undertaking as far as training, and fundraising (I have to raise a minimum of $2000 for the 2 day walk or $1250 for the one day) and I have to make sure that I can physically do it! I have been working out more regularly since Christmas and feel that I should be able to do it, but its the fundraising that scares me more. I hate asking people for money, even when its a great cause like this!

If you want to check out more information, you can head over to Weekend To End Women's Cancer.

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  1. Do it Shirley! I will support you, for sure, just let me know when and where to donate.