Sunday, January 10, 2010

Red Snow Book Review

About The Book:

The 2010 Winter Olympics are coming to Vancouver, and Mephisto is ready to strike. 

Of all the villains lawyer Michael Slade has created based on his experience in more than one hundred real-life murder cases, Mephisto is the maddest. ("Slade knows psychos inside out."— Toronto Star)

A raging winter storm and a team of mercenaries have cut Whistler Mountain off from the rest of the world. Bent on bloody revenge, Mephisto attacks the members of Special X—the psycho hunters of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police—and that's just the start of his horrific plan. Red Snow is a three-ring circus of mystery, horror, and suspense. It has everything: whodunits and impossible crimes, psychological terror and police procedure. Let the games begin!

About The Author:

Michael Slade is the pen name of Jay and Rebecca Clarke.

Swastika was inspired by the Second World War archives of Flight Lieutenant Jack “Johnny” Clarke, who flew forty-seven combat missions against the Third Reich in Europe, and in North Africa for the Battle of El Alamein.

As a criminal lawyer, Jay Clarke, Jack's son, has fought more than one hundred murder cases. He specializes in the law of insanity.

Rebecca Clarke, Jay's daughter, has a degree in history and English literature.

Michael Slade is the author of eleven Special X thrillers.

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My Review:

I have long been a lover of mystery/thriller books and am always looking for new authors to read. Well, in Michael Slade I have definitely succeeded in doing so. This is the first book of Slade's that I have read, but will definitely seek out reading more of his books.

Red Snow was a very quick read and the suspense and action starts right off in the first chapter. The crimes are diabolical and gruesome, and very detailed throughout the book. The suspense kept me going until the end of the book. The crimes committed are quick frightening in and of themselves, however its even more frightening to think that they could actually be carried out in reality. Though the book references past crimes and characters from previous Slade novels (there are 14 others) it is very easy to catch onto the current investigations.

I do strongly warn you that the book is very graphic and there may be readers who could be offended by the detail. That said, if you like crime books and thrillers, you will definitely like Red Snow by Michael Slade.

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***Thank you to Brownyn at Penquin Books for sending me a complimentary copy of this book for the purpose of review***

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  1. My son would love this. I'll get him to read it first and he can tell me if it's too much for me. :)