Thursday, January 7, 2010

Wallaroo Art Hat Review

As many of my readers know, I am a scrapbook fanatic and I also cross-stitch (not as often, now that I have discovered scrapbooking). However, I love pretty much all things to do with Arts and Crafts, especially for children.

I not only have two young children, but also run a home daycare, so I am always looking for new and exciting art related ideas. I love bringing out the creative side of children.

I recently came across a copy that combine fashion and art and I am very excited to let my readers know about it!!!

About Wallaroo Hat Company:

Wallaroo Hat Company was founded by Stephanie Carter and Lenya Shore in April 1999 after they discovered the Aussie secret to sun protection with style: colorful UPF 50+ crushable fabric hats. They began wearing them around Boulder, a city known for its outdoor lifestyle and more than 300 sunny days each year.
It wasn't long before friends and family wanted to know where they got their colorful sun-protection. The team discovered that nothing was available in the U.S. that compared to these UPF-rated fashion "finds" from Australia. Carter and Shore began importing small quantities, quickly realized their potential and launched Wallaroo Hat Company. 

Wallaroo Hat Company has continued to expand its selection by bringing back favorites and designing new styles and collections each year. With more than ten years under their belt, Shore and Carter now sell their hats to many resorts, boutiques, outdoor retailers, gardening stores, and catalogers. 

The complete collection includes 42 distinct styles in solid, brightly colored fabrics, as well as tropical prints and neutrals. Canvas, loose weave, microfiber, cotton twill, poly-braid, and polystraw make the Wallaroo Hat Collection washable, crushable and versatile for everyday work or play. Each Wallaroo hat has been designed with an internal or external drawstring to make it one-size fits most. 

Wallaroo Hat Company is based in Boulder, Colorado. The company has been awarded the "Best of Denver" from Westword magazine and was listed as a Top Women-Owned Business in the Daily CameraWallaroo Hat Company has been committed to making charitable contributions over the past ten years, including the Skin Cancer Foundation, the Airline Ambassadors International, Caroused of Happiness, Boulder Community Hospital Foundation, American Cancer Society, and many more. 

In 2009, Wallaroo Hat Company introduced 4 new designs for women, 2 designs for men and 3 designs for chidlren, including the Art Hat. Thank you to Wallaroo Hat Company & for sending me a complimentary Art Hat for the purpose of review.

About The Art Hat:

The Art Hat is the kind of hat that children create themselves. A kit includes an adjustable white microfiber bucket hat with contrasting fushsia or navy under the brim and six non-toxic fabric paints and a paintbrush. The perfect activity for rainy days and play dates, this hat has the added benefit of providing UPF 50+_ sun protection. The hat measures comes in two sizes - 52cm will fit children 2-5, while the 55cm hat will accomodate 5-7 year old children.

My Review:

This hat is adorable! I received it in the mail about a week and a half before Christmas, so kept it for a stocking stuffer for my 3 year old. When she opened, she was so excited to be able to paint her hat. We had to do it before she could open any more was so cute!!! I was unable to take photos of the creative process due to a broken camera, but will post photos of the finished products when I can.

I love that the hat comes with all the supplies needed for my young artist-in-the-making to use. She spent a good 45 minutes "creating". Whenever an activity will keep one of my children occupied for that amount of time, its a winner in my books:)

But the biggest plus for me is the fact that the hat has the UPF protection of 50+. I have extremely sun sensitive skin, and as well I am a skin cancer survivior, so I am a HUGE advocate for covering up in the sun!!! We have always used sun protection, so even before we leave the house my three year old will ask for "sunscream"....however, she has not quite figured out that in Southern Alberta in January, you do not need to use it since we are covered with clothes and jackets. I will put it on her face though when we are out for extended snow play.

My only complaint is that it is hand wash only. I despise having to hand wash anything, but for the little amount that I would probably have to hand wash the whole hat, I think that the benefits far out way my "distaste" for handwashing!! My daughter's only complaint is that she can't wear it outside yet!!! But she wears it all over the house:)

I highly recommend this product for any of you who are looking for not only a functional hat but a fun, creative activity for your child.

BUY IT: Head over to the Wallaroo Hat Company website and you can shop online. There is also a store locator you can use to find retailers in your area

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  1. This sounds like a cute idea! Thanks for the review!