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The Busy Mom's Guide To Bible Study: A Book Review

About The Book:

A Bible Study Plan for the Busiest Mom! 

The Busy Mom's Guide to Bible Study is an amazing Bible study tool specifically aimed at moms. What makes it so remarkable is the way author Lisa Whelchel has packed twenty solid Bible study tools into a five-day-a-week, fifteen-minute-a-day, anybody-can-do-it plan.

Not only is this plan doable, it's satisfying. As a busy mom, you give of yourself all day long –often with no way to refresh and replenish the cravings of your own soul. But this simple three-month, come-along-beside-you guide will take you deep into the Word, nourishing your heart and soul. And in just three months, you will be a changed woman – changed by the power of God's Word in you
1 Busy Mom, 15, Minutes a Day, A 3-Month Plan, 20 Days a Month,
An Infinity of Blessings

About The Author:

Lisa Whelchel, best known for her long standing role as "Blair" in the television series, The Facts of Life, is a wife and a home schooling mother of three children. She has appeared in several feature films and is an author, vocalist, Grammy nominated songwriter, and an inspirational speaker at churches and conferences nationwide.

My Review:

The only other book by Lisa Whelchel that I have previously read is Creative Correction, and so when the opportunity arose to review The Busy Mom's Guide to Bible Study, I jumped at the chance. This book is set up to be a three month introduction to studying your Bible. In month one, Whelchel guides the reader through 20 tools to really dig deep into your Bible and get the most out of your precious Bible reading time!

The next month, she introduces 22 new tools, but lets the reader do the studying more independently, with a few tips and ideas throughout. Finally, in the third month, the reader is given three Bible Study techniques and then you select which one you want to use for that day, and record what "treasures" you discovered in your study time.

I really enjoyed reading through this book and loved all the tools she suggested, including using study Bibles, commentaries, Bible Dictionaries (and regular ones too), memorizing scripture (using cue cards), studying with parallel translations, and praying the scriptures. The one tool that I would like to share with you, my readers is the Five W's and an H:

Who - who is the main character? Who are secondary characters? To Whom is the main character talking?
What? - is the plot of the passage? What is happening? Is it a specific event?
When? - does the specific event in the passage occur (history, time, chronology, time in characters life)?
Where? - Where did (does, or will) the event occur? Think about the setting, both broad and specific
Why? - why is this happening? Why is this being said? Why did God include this passage in the Bible?
How? - How did (does, or will) this happen? How did (does, or will) this affect the characters, or your life? (p.12 and 13)

If you want to read a book that will help you dig deeper in your Christian journey, or you just want a refresher on the tools that will help you in the journey, I highly recommend this book. Though the title refers to the book as being for the "busy mom" I firmly believe that all women (and men) would get benefit from reading this book! Its a small book in size and that makes it perfect for a purse, carry on bag and diaper bags too! 

Not only do I recommend this book, but also Whelchel has also written The Busy Mom's Guide To Prayer, and The Busy Mom's Guide To Wisdom, and The Busy Grandma's Guide To Prayer!

BUY IT:  You can purchase The Busy Mom's Guide To Bible Study directly from Lisa Whelchel's official website. It is also available at Howard Publishing.

****Thank you to Howard Publishing and Sidedoor Communication for providing me with a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for a review on this blog****

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